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Hi, I’m Richard. Within the world of Ingress, I’m Panothos. I’ve only been playing the game for about a month and recently I did something that doesn’t entirely fit my definition of “integrity”. If you wish to understand what I mean by that and how I feel about it, I’ll happily answer all those who ask. A description of the event, from my point of view is near the end of this post.

The reason I created this website is because two days after the decision I question as mentioned above, I had an epiphany. It came in the form of a series of questions: How do you make monsters stop doing what they are doing? How do you show people that they don’t have to take it? How (really) can one person with a vendetta against those who chose to take power from others, possibly make a difference in real life?

The best I can come up with for the first and second questions is to create a resource for those effected. To provide knowledge and support to those made to feel afraid.

The answer to the third?

As a realist, I believe that a single individual can accomplish very little, perhaps attaining the status of a small blip in the face of those who try to take power from others. So sure, I could cheat and harass those I feel deserving of it but that serves nothing and no one but my anger and only briefly at that.

Since it has always been the stand of the many who have made a difference in this world. Since every major change on this planet has had the support of the many, I have registered this domain, set up a blog and a forum, to give the many a chance to speak and defend themselves. So that they know they don’t stand alone.

This website and community is my attempt to redirect the anger I feel towards the handful of abusers within the Ingress community in a more positive way.

I love this game because it got me back on my longboard and out of hermit mode. I’m becoming physically active again and meeting an amazing community of people in the real world.

There are people out there who have been through far too much for a single life. Perhaps they discovered this game and saw an opportunity to ease themselves back into feeling like a normal human being again. Then one day an opposing team member decides to confront them at a portal with verbal abuse. Or block them from leaving the premises with their car. Or follow them home and take pictures of them, their house, their family…

What did I do? After hearing the stories of a certain player, I strove to meet them face to face. I made sure I was in their alerts and jumped at the first opportunity of a large fielding operation that was certain to gain their attention. And boy did it! Right in front of my home was one of the anchors, which is where I found the offending player. This individual had been reported to stalk opposing team members for long distances, trap their vehicles with their own car at portals late at night and even show up at people’s homes.

I gave that “s.o.b.” two minutes of my anger for trying to intimidate and harass others, not just with words in comm, but in his car, in the real world. I even have an audio recording of the incident.

Do I regret how I handled the situation? I haven’t decided yet. In the mean time with the energy and anger that I have in abundance, I will make an attempt at giving people a voice and providing a resource of rights and information.

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Please read the rules within the areas meant for reporting incidents.

Thank you for visiting. I hope this site helps empower my fellow Ingress players!